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Berger & Hipskind represents Fellowship Filtering which is the owner of patented technology developed by Gary B. Robinson.  Mr. Robinson is a mathematician and inventor of computer-based recommendation engine technologies that enable the recommending of products and/or content based on novel algorithms that calculate the preferences based on the similarity and dissimilarity of users of a website.

The Robinson Method, named after Gary Robinson, is a Bayesian statistical approach that uses a text-classifier, rule-based method for determining the relevancy of an email message. Numerous leading SPAM filtering technologies utilize the Robinson Method 

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Mr. Robinson worked to develop novel systems and processes designed to provide accurate content and product recommendations using data stored, collected, and computed on specific computer-based systems. Mr. Robinson’s insights led to the patent application resulting in U.S. Patent No. 5,884,282.  Berger and Hipskind attorneys have represented Fellowship Filtering in licensing the '282 patent to major corporations including IBM, IAC, SAP, Salesforce.com, etc.  

Although content and product recommendations on websites are commonplace today, at the time the inventions disclosed in the Fellowship Filtering patent were conceived, an advanced system for recommending products and content automatically by weighting and analyzing multiple users’ product ratings, purchase history, and/or actions of website users was a novel invention.

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