Selected Active Enforcement Actions 


Practice Area: Pharmaceutical Patents & Antitrust
Background: Gilead, Sciences in concert with Japan Tobacco and Janssen Sciences undertook a monopolistic scheme that tied the sales of Tenofavir Alafenamide Fumarate to the sale of other drug products used in the treatment of HIV and AIDS.

Practice Area: Patent (Encryption & Digital Rights Management)
Cause Of Action: Berger & Hipskind represents St. Luke Technologies which owns a portfolio of patents relating to encryption and digital rights management.  The patents are fundamental to the fields and have been cited thousands of times by leading technology companies.

Practice Area: Consumer Protection & Class Actions
Cause Of Action: In a relentless effort to maximize its profits, SoulCycle requires customers  purchase exercise sessions by first purchasing an electronic certificate used to book exercise sessions.  SoulCycle applies onerous and unlawful expiration dates to the money stored on these electronic certificates.

Practice Area: Patents (Webcontent Management & Internet Advertising)
Cause Of Action: Berger & Hipskind represents Texas based UnoWeb which owns a portfolio of patents that have been infringed by the internet content management systems of companies including Microsoft, eBay, AOL, etc.  

Practice Area: Patent (Collaborative Filtering Systems)
Cause Of Action: Fellowship Filtering Technologies is the owner of patented technologies for collaborative filtering that have been infringed by the systems of leading technology companies.

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