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Berger & Hipskind represents St. Luke Technologies the owner of a portfolio of patents directed to the fields of secure third-party communications and Information record infrastructure systems.   Berger & Hipskind attorneys filed cases against Apple, Amazon, Google, Oracle, Intuit, HP, etc. that have been resolved.

Berger & Hipskind have filed additional actions seeking damages for infringement based on systems and methods used by Thales e-Security, Trend Micro, MobileIron, athenahealth, and Cerner.  The patented technologies disclosed in the St. Luke patents have been cited thousands of times as relevant prior art in patents issued to major technology corporations.  

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Mathematician Dr. Robert Nagel, the co-inventor of many of the St. Luke patents developed landmark encryption and real-time data distribution systems.  In the 1970s Dr. Nagel developed some of the first computer systems for distributing encrypted data over computer networks. 

Following his development of groundbreaking electronic data distribution systems for Reuters, Dr. Nagel used his insights to develop the secure communications technologies that are used today by many of the world’s largest corporations.   Dr. Nagel foresaw the need for enabling secure communications between two or more parties wherein an intermediary performs the requisite function with respect to the transaction without requiring the intermediary to be trusted with respect to the private information or cryptographic keys for communicated information.  

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