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Berger & Hipskind LLP represents UnoWeb which provides platforms for e-commerce, internet advertising, and content management.  UnoWeb’s products include UnoWeb AdMind, UnoWeb WayVi, and UnoWeb OpenCommerce.  

Mr. Almeida is the owner of UnoWeb, inventor of the UnoWeb patents, and a resident of Plano, Texas.  Mr. Almeida sought patent protection for his inventions.  A software developer who moved to the United States from Brazil, Mr. Almeida worked on e-commerce applications in the first wave of  internet businesses in the mid-1990s.  Mr. Almeida worked for and  These early internet companies exposed Mr. Almeida to problems that were unique to content distribution and advertising on the internet.  Problems such as internet server resource allocation, third-party content integration on the World Wide Web and internet advertising click-fraud were unique problems arising from the context of content distribution over a computer network and internet-based advertising. 


Mr. Almeida recognized the drawbacks in the state of the art at the time, and through his ingenuity and work, Mr. Almeida developed a variety of systems directed at problems unique to advertising and content distribution on the internet.  For example, in 2001, Mr. Almeida filed a patent application that discussed the problems faced by “e-shops” such as, Inc.  These problems included the failure of existing prior art e-commerce platforms to enable the distribution of content, advertising, and product listings from third parties.  Integration of third party content was lacking in prior art systems.  “[A] buyer will have to move from e-shop to e-shop in the e-mall.  Time is thus wasted and sales can be lost.  Furthermore, the dynamic e-mall concept cannot be created without an elaborate and expensive e-commerce infrastructure.”  See U.S. Patent App. 10/029,073 (filed December 20, 2001).

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